Monday, February 8, 2010

Lincoln Model Homes

A few weeks ago, after I posted a note about the scale model kits of various Lincoln sites offered online by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Mike Kienzler of The Abraham Lincoln Observer challenged me to a "build-off" of simple models. Today, we are posting our results.

Mike has constructed the model of the Berry-Lincoln Store (in historic New Salem). Take a look at his post to see his effort, which also has some information on how the models came to be.

I built the model of the Thomas Lincoln cabin outside of Charleston, Illinois. Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product.

Here's the best photo I can find of real location, part of the Wikipedia entry on the Lincoln historical site.

I never imagined I'd need to do an art project again, at least until I had kids, but I must say that I enjoyed this little one (enough that I'm thinking about trying another model). Getting the hang of craft glue again, particularly with some of the model's small tabs, was a bit of a challenge, but otherwise the model was pretty straight-forward. For someone who is artistically challenged, it was a pretty good experience.

Hopefully this will encourage others to give these projects a try. Thanks to Mike the challenge to do this.


The Abraham Lincoln Observer said...

Josh: Nice job. Good luck with your future construction efforts. It was fun here too, but I think it's safe to say I have now retired.


Joshua Patty said...

Mike: Nice job by you too. Enjoy your "retirement."