Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Blog on Statues and Monuments of Lincoln

While catching up on things Lincoln this evening -- after some time focused on other things, including a vacation -- I was pleased to discover a new Lincoln blog. "Lincolning," by Lincoln enthusiast Dave Wiegers, will focus statues and memorials dedicated to the 16th president.

Having corresponded with Dave occasionally since I began this blog, I know that Lincoln statuary has long been a passion. Currently, he is working on a book filled with photographs and information about Lincoln statues across the country. No doubt his blog will be filled with the insights gleaned from his travels and his photographer's eye.

I wish Dave all the best as he begins his blog and continues working on his book.

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Dave Wiegers said...

Thanks for the mention Joshua. I will have a new post up in a few days about a new statue in Joliet, IL and a truly odd copy of the Lincoln Memorial statue that is being dedicated in November in a small town in Kentucky.