Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yet Another Lincoln Movie?

Owing to my hectic summer schedule, and not having been in the mood, I have yet to venture out to see "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," though I have finally obtained a copy of the book on which the R-rated thriller is based.  I imagine that I will be more anxious to see Steven Spielberg's long-awaited Lincoln biopic in December (a project that has taken about 15 years since he obtained the pre-publication movie rights to Doris Kearns Goodwin's "Team of Rivals").

Imagine my surprise today, though, when I came across this mention of yet another Lincoln-related movie.  According to movie-related chatter online, actress Diane Kruger, perhaps best known for her appearance in "National Treasure," has revealed that she will play Lincoln's step-mother in "Green Blade Rising," which will be produced by noted director Terrence Mallick.  Aside from the historically troubling statement that it will focus on Lincoln's Kentucky years -- and thus on a period before his biological mother Nancy died and his father remarried -- this seems like an interesting way to do a coming-of-age drama.  On the other hand, given the disappointing box office for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," I find it amazing that someone is willing to invest in a Lincoln movie that would seem, on its face, to have even less general appeal.


The Abraham Lincoln Observer said...

Josh: You beat me to it re "Green Blade Rising" -- that can't really be the title, can it? Darn.

But it looks like Spielberg's "Lincoln" will be out in November, so you won't have to be anxious quite as long as you thought.

And, yes, you should see "Vampire Hunter" -- but I think you'll find the book to be a lot better.

Joshua Patty said...

A November release is an interesting choice, especially since there look to be some screen-gobbling blockbusters that month. But it may also mean that the studio believes the movie is not sure-fire Oscar fodder, except for the presumed acting nod for Daniel Day-Lewis. Studios with confidence (however misplaced) that their films are award front-runners usually release as close to Christmas as possible.

As for "Green Blade Rising"... who knows? It certainly seems far-fetched.