Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hurry...Now is the Time to Buy...

Evidently, the sour economy has pushed down prices for Lincolniana, which have skyrocketed beyond all normal range in the last quarter century or so. (In his recent book, Land of Lincoln, Andrew Ferguson suggests that the prices soared due to deep-pocketed buyers like Louise Taper and the late Malcolm Forbes.)

A recent auction in the New York city area featured 19 artifacts associated in some way with Abraham Lincoln, and fetched prices that seem rather extravagant: $30,000 for some lamps which Lincoln might have owned and $8,250 for a letter from the mayor of Springfield announcing a holiday for the Lincoln funeral. But Daniel Weinberg, longtime owner of The Abraham Lincoln Bookstore in Chicago, suggested that the items should have sold for much more.

So if you have a spare $100,000, this is the time to buy. Click here for The New York Times report.

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