Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Lincoln News: Spielberg, Podcasts, and a New Website

Three bits of short information to pass along today. Last week, I wrote about recent information about Steven Spielberg's long-planned Lincoln movie. Earlier this week, Spielberg's publicist confirmed that the award-winning director plans on shooting the movie sometime in 2009. Read the brief confirmation given to a reporter from Entertainment Weekly. Despite the financial and legal issues involved, I imagine that Spielberg will get to do what he wants.

I'm still coming across bicentennial week features about Abraham Lincoln. featured a series of five Lincoln podcasts with scholars like Harold Holzer and James McPherson. (A tip of the hat to Samuel Wheeler at his Lincoln Studies site for uncovering these interviews.) I've listened to the solid interview with McPherson and look forward to listening to the others during upcoming trips to the gym. Here are links to the podcasts:
Earlier this week, I wrote about a new educational site designed to introduce middle school students to the Lincoln White House, sponsored by the White House Historical Association. Last night, I found another new online resource, Lincoln's Commute, sponsored by the White House Historical Association and President Lincoln's Cottage at the Soldier's Home. This site, appropriate for all ages, shows some of what Abraham Lincoln would have seen on his roughly three-mile commute in the summer month's between the Soldier's Home and the White House. There is a short film and the ability to learn about various locations and people along Lincoln's normal route.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Robert Redford is going to beat Spielberg to the punch. I just read today that Redford will direct a movie on the Lincoln assassination, centered on Mary Surratt. (Congratulations to the Surratt Society, based in Clinton, Md.)
Spielberg is missing out by all his woolgathering. I went to the Library of Congress's "With Malice Toward None" exhibit on Lincoln, now at the California Museum in Sacramento, Ca, and the place was absolutely packed with people.
It was an excellent exhibit, and the attendance showed the public is interested in Lincoln.

Larry Tagg (author of _The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln)